Technical Seminars

Every winter, John puts on technical seminars.  This year is no different!  The dates are not firm yet.   There will be a carburetor rebuilding seminar, where you bring your carbs in and learn to rebuild them.  There will also be a technical seminar weekend, where John explains an entire MG to you.

We are undecided on having either a gearbox seminar or an engine rebuild seminar.  You can vote over there on the left. —>

Michigan To Texas

Sgt. Mark Allen stopped by the shop on Friday with his car on a wrecker.  He had just purchased the car and was planning on driving it back home to Texas.  It ran rough and was getting terrible mileage, and Friday morning wouldn’t even start!  We unloaded it from the wrecker and John worked on it for about three hours.  We just received this note:

Mr Twist,

 This is Mark Allen. The guy with the orange 79 Midget you did carb work on today (23 Oct 2015).
Even though it was still running rich I your work brought my gas mileage from 8 mpg to 26. Wow!
I am glad I stopped by. Thank you again.
-Sgt Mark Allen
San Marcos, TX

Happy Birthday Walter!

Walter Cheatham is the original owner of his 1967 MGB.  He has had his car here for a while, we’d done everything EXCEPT a complete body restoration.  Walters wife, Gloria, called and explained that his birthday was coming up and to go ahead with the project.  We surprised Walter when he flew up to examine the car and decide if the body should be done.  This is what he found when he arrived…

Happy Birthday Walter!
Happy Birthday Walter!

This is the nice note that we received from Gloria afterwards:

DSC03024 DSC03025

Used Parts

I get a lot of phone calls and emails from people looking for used parts.  We have a lot, but they are not in any sort of order.  John and I have decided to open a used parts store right here on our website!  Coming in the very near future will be a store front that you can search and buy used parts from our inventory.  It will take me some time to organize, inventory, price, get pictures, etc. of all the parts we have.  I will slowly populate the inventory, and by the end of the year we should have hundreds of parts available.

Stay tuned!!  -Mike

We Will Never Forget


We all have our memories of 9/11.  I was working at the shop on Fulton Street when Caroline, my late wife, called to say an airplane had crashed into the World Trade Center.  I reminded her that a DC-3 had hit the Empire State Building during heavy fog during WWII, so this was probably just an accident.    We retrieved the television from the office and set it up.  No sooner than we’d turned it on the second plane hit.  Then we all knew it was an attack – and just as quickly we all knew it was Muslim terrorists.  We had a customer who was stuck in Denver that day.  He couldn’t escape the city as all the rental cars had been taken.  So he simply purchased a new car.  I have a friend from my time with the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam who was working as a librarian for the Port Authority in Building Seven.  He told me when the first plane hit he went to his supervisor and said, “I don’t know if it’s my Army training or I’m just a chickenshit, but I’m going home.”  He was part way up Church Street when the second plane hit.


For a very brief period political differences were set aside while the government wrestled to assign blame to the shadowy terrorist group.  Military action was taken and achieved some success, only to be abandoned for political concerns.  Now we have tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of displaced persons seeking peace and a better life in Europe, and an avowed enemy racing to construct nuclear weapons.   It is altogether a very different outcome from WWII when Roosevelt announced in his famous Pearl Harbor speech:


No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.


How times change.

At Home Restoration

Bill Wentz delivered parts of his TD for us to restore last year.  We’ve completed our work, and he’s collected the parts and is beginning the restoration in his garage.  I thought fellow enthusiasts would like to watch as he does his garage restoration, so as he sends me pictures you can keep up to date by clicking here.

4571 Patterson Ave SE – Grand Rapids, MI – 49512 – (616)301-2888