The Next Generation Of Car Fans

I received a note from Kayla, a volunteer at a youth center where they’re building model cars.  They stumbled upon our humble little corner of the web, and noticed that we didn’t have any information on how to prepare your car for a car show.

One of the students, Robert, found this handy on-line guide for car show preparation and asked that I share it here with all of you – the greatest group of car enthusiasts on the planet!  You will most likely learn something along the way.  Thank you Robert and Kayla! (and enjoy the ice cream Robert!)

Click here for Robert’s link.

Can You Help Find A Long Lost MGB?

I got a note from a guy looking for his dad’s car.  Here is what it said…

I am hoping that you enthusiasts can lend a hand. My father purchased and MGB new when he was serving overseas in the Army. When he returned to Chicago he brought the car back with him. 

Eventually he sold the car and as you can presume by the feeling of this post my Brother and I are looking to track it down to buy/restore??. I did the typical Google search and came up with no results primarily because it seems the vin number is too short for the current websites. I also reached out the the Chicago land Chapter of the MG enthusiasts club and they put my request in their newsletter but i didn’t hear of anything. 

I am hoping that perhaps this community might be of some assistance in helping me track down what ever happened to my father’s car. 

The shipping papers he found indicate the following: It lists the Chassis number and the Motor Number. 

It was manufactured sometime in early 1963. 
The car is an MGB 1800 convertible 
Chassis number is GHN 3 L 150 28. 
Motor number is GA U H 15176. 

I’ve written requests to the DMV’s for Illinois and the surrounding states and they all came back with additional paperwork for me to file but also with notices that due to the Drivers Privacy Protection Act my search today might not be as easy as it might have been if I had begun this process 15 years ago prior to the act. 

I keep reading about other people who eventually track down their father’s old classic…I’m just hoping that with a bit of assistance I too might find success.

My kindest regards

– Paul Goggin

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Bob’s TD

Robert Beaudry just finished a restoration of a beautiful MG TD.  He sends along this note…

In 1975 I started a restoration of a 52 TD, by 77 I gave up it was to hard to find help and parts. But with the internet and you tube has made it fun and easy. Not to mention I can now afford to buy new parts.


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