John Twist’s Technical Seminars 2018

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Last October at the Hunt Country Classic Weekend in Virginia. This tech seminar was at the home of Randy Schuck, Chantilly, VA

KIMBER FESTIVAL, Hammondsport, New York 

Friday and Saturday  April 13 and 14, 2018

This is a Friday and Saturday event for all MG enthusiasts with many speakers covering a variety of MG topics. Included is a tour of the Glen H Curtis Museum.  I will present a paper, “Tuning the XPAG Engine.”


                    NEMGTR Chesapeake Chapter                       April Tech Session, Rockville, MD

Saturday and Sunday   April 21 and 22, 2018 

This is a two-day seminar during which I’ll be working on eight to a dozen MGs.  You can sign up to bring your MG to the workshop, or, you can sign up just to watch for one or both days.  The MGs have issues from ignition to suspension.  This is my fourth visit with this great group.


There are still about six spots open for MGs that MUST be filled by Sunday evening April 8th.  This is largely a T type organization, but MGAs and MGBs are welcome.  Costs, times, etc are available from Charlie Adams.  Email Charlie TODAY:  or call him NOW at 703-582-3757!  If you cannot raise Charlie on the phone, contact Milton Babirak by email:   or by phone 703-501-7924.  Let’s make this event a success!


JD’s British Cars MGA/MGB Tune-up Seminar, Nashville, TN

Saturday   April 28, 2018

During this one-day course, I will explain the “hows and whys” of tuning the MGA/MGB while tuning an MGB in JD’s shop.  This is a lecture and hands-on all-day event.  You will know HOW to tune your MG when you leave this course.  Printed material accompanies the lecture and hands-on demonstrations.


Phone (615) 361-3887  or email:

Participants at the 2017 tech seminar at Elite Vehicle Restorations, Denver, NC

 Quality Coaches Technical Seminar, Minneapolis, MN

 Saturday and Sunday   May 5 and May 6, 2018

This will be my eighth time to Mark Brandow’s shop in Minneapolis.  In the past we’ve discussed electricals and tune-ups, rebuilt an overdrive gearbox and an MGB short block, performed the Complete Lubrication (Boot to Bonnet inspection – lubrication – adjustment).  Two full days of thoroughly MG subjects!  We are still working on topics for this spring’s event.

Details:   or phone 612 824-4155

 Carlisle Import Car Show, Carlisle, PA     Weekend of May 18 through May 20, 2018

Neither Carl Heideman of Electic Motorworks nor I will be able to attend Carlisle this year.  We’re hoping to get back in 2019.

Memphis British Car Club Rolling Tech Session, Memphis, TN    

Saturday   June 9, 2018     

During this rolling tech session, I will look at about 20 MGs, TRs, and AHs throughout the day.  Each vehicle will have its own tuning issues – some of which I will be able to sort out in the time I have – some will require more work later.  This is an excellent opportunity to view a number of British cars to see the similarities and the differences – as well as the tuning issues encountered.  Steve already has a full list of cars for me to work on, but there is plenty of room to come down and spend some time or all day watching.

Details:                              Steve Wayne 901-921-7709


John at the Toronto Car Club Tech Seminar last spring.

NAMGAR GT-43, Richmond, Virginia

Thursday and Friday      June 14 and June 15, 2018   

I will work on as many MGs as there is time for Thursday and Friday of this week-long MGA event in Richmond.  It’s fun to come and just hang out.  There will be a lot of banter, flying spanners, and a lot to learn.



NAMGBR MG2018, Gettysburg, PA

Tuesday    June 19, 2018

As at the NAMGAR event, I will work on a number of MGs throughout the day Tuesday.  I’ve performed this rolling tech for many years at many NAMGBR and NAMGAR events.   Some enthusiasts wander by; some stay nearly all day.  There are a greater variety of problems diagnosed and solved than one might see in a shop for a week!


John at a rolling tech seminar about 20 years ago!


GOF Central, Delevan, WI  Rolling Tech

Wednesday       June 27, 2018            

As before, this will be a rolling tech, checking timing and carbs and diagnosing other MG problems.



Maple leaf flag flying in the wind
British Motoring Festival, Windsor (Halifax), Nova Scotia

Saturday and Sunday      July 14 and July 15, 2018

This weekend includes two events:  an MGA/MGB tune-up seminar on Sunday, as the one in Nashville; and, a rolling tech session during the Saturday event.



Technical Seminar, Altoona, PA

Thursday and Friday  August 23 and August 24, 2018

 British Car Show , Altoona, PA

Saturday and Sunday August 25 and August 26, 2018         

This event begins with a two-day seminar at the shop of Jim Pastore.  Jim, with his wife Lori, organizes the British Car Show at DelGrosso’s Amusement Park which takes place the following Sunday.  Both events are a great time!  This is about the tenth time I’ve visited Altoona.  In the past, we’ve tuned MGBs, rebuilt engines (twice), rebuilt gearboxes, rebuilt carburetters, and covered electrix.  This year’s subject is still up in the air, but it’s always a great time.

Contact Jim Pastore:



GOF West, South Lake Tahoe, NV

Week of September 10 through September 14, 2018        

Again, I’ll have my hands in a score of MGs throughout the day in a Rolling Tech Session.  More details coming.



I hope to be able to organize a seminar in St Louis, MO, at John Mangles’ shop before the end of summer.  Also, I plan to return to England in the autumn to do several seminars there again.  If you are interested in hosting a seminar, either through a business or club, please drop me a note:  JohnTwist@UniversityMotorsLtd.Com



I was saddened to learn that the Radiator Hospital in Grand Rapids has closed down.  They repaired our MG radiators for 30 years.

I was just at Southwest Sandblasting in Grand Rapids – Randy is continuing his fine service.  Find him at: 616 243 1611.

Casey DeHollander and Dave Stelma are running an excellent machine shop – CD’s Engine Service in Hudsonville, MI.  I was just there to drop off the pistons to my MGA engine and saw that Brian was assembling an XPAG engine.  They know British!  616 662 1553.   It’s difficult to find a good machine shop, but CD’s has offered us excellent service for several decades.  Website:

Whitepost Restorations just rebuilt a tandem MG Midget master cylinder for me.  They’ve been rebuilding our master cylinders for 30 years, too.  We’ve always enjoyed excellent service from them.  Find Whitepost at:

Sourcing original engine parts is trial and error on eBay.  If you’re looking for factory original or high-quality parts, contact Basil Adams in California:  707 762 0974.  He’s just helped me with some pistons and tri-metal rod bearings.

For used MG parts there is no one better or faster than Paul Dierschow at Sportscar Craftsmen in Arvada (Denver), Colorado.  Paul has scores (hundreds?) of used MGs and can provide nearly any part in good, used condition.  Plus, he can send it out same or next day!    Phone 303 422 9272


 My videographer, Dayton Dimond,  is due back into Grand Rapids at the end of April.  We have plans to re-commence making YouTube videos.  I was surprised to find that the channel now shows 6.7 million views.  Thanks to everyone for watching!