Here you will find the forms we use here on a daily basis.  I’ll start with the Complete Lube form – it is our most popular service by far.  It takes our guys about 5.5 hours to complete the service, so if you’re going to do it at home you better block off most of the weekend!  You will need motor oil, engine oil filter, gear lube, spray lube, parts cleaners, rags, antifreeze, and time!

Click here to download the Complete Lube Form.

After you’ve finished the Complete Lube, you’re going to want your car to run a little better.  That’s where the Complete Tune comes into play.  These forms are what John uses when he tunes vehicles.  It takes him about 4 hours.  So plan accordingly.

Complete Tune T-Series

Complete Tune MGA

Complete Tune MGB SU Carbs

Complete Tune MGB Strombberg Carb


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