Bill’s 1953 TD – Update from Home

Bill W. had us do quite a bit of work helping him restore his MG TD.  We rebuilt the rear axle, the engine, the rear suspension, and more.  You can see that work by clicking here.

Bill now has all the pieces back home and is beginning to assemble the TD at home.  I thought his fellow enthusiasts may enjoy watching the process, so as Bill sends me pictures I’ll post them up here.

A note from Bill:


I think that is wonderful that you are putting this project on your web page!  I really enjoyed seeing that.  You did not list all that University Motors did. Feel free to.  You rebuilt the engine, transmission, carbs, rear axle and hubs and brakes, front hubs and swivel pin assemblies and brakes,  shock absorbers, and the rack and pinion steering assembly. 

Here is a photo of the body tub that I finished a couple weeks ago, and took to the paint shop, before starting to put together the chassis.  I got all new wood from the place in North Carolina that John recommended, and I was very pleased.  I got four new quarter panels from Moss, and used the original scuttle top and doors.

I'm going away for a three week RV trip in a few days, so work will be suspended until the first part of October.

Bill W.

The paint shop in Charlottesville, Virginia, that I am using has finished the blocking, sanding, and priming of the body tub I built, and the doors. Here is a photo of the tub.


Yesterday was a big day.  I put the engine in the chassis.  Not a bit of damage since it left your shop.

image1 image2

Mike: I've got the blocked and primed body tub back on the chassis, permanently installed. The firewall is painted the final body color, a 2002 Audi color -- "Amulet Red" -- in PPC Concept, acrylic urethane. Bill Wentz
I’ve got the blocked and primed body tub back on the chassis, permanently installed. The firewall is painted the final body color, a 2002 Audi color — “Amulet Red” — in PPC Concept, acrylic urethane.
Bill W.
Here is a photo of the present status.  I just got it back from the paint shop.  Now I’m really excited and my motivation is cranked up again.  Recall that I decided, on the paint shop advice, to mount the body tub and doors on the chassis and have it painted on the chassis, rather than have the tub with doors painted then mount the assembly on the chassis.  They did a beautiful job.  The color I picked is Amulet Red, a 2002 Audi color.  It’s PPG Concept acrylic urethane, single-stage paint.  The doors fit perfectly, albeit after much struggle.  Now I’m on to installation of the drive shaft and tunnel, handbrake, remainder of the steering, floorboards, firewall items, wiring, interior, then fenders, bonnet, windscreen, hood, and lights.  I got the wiring harness from English Wiring in Pennsylvania, as you recommended.  It’s a top quality looking item, made in England — how appropriate.  I thank John for his patience with me recently on the phone about diagnosing my need to have the drive shaft shortened and balanced due to the pinion gear shaft of the MGA ring and pinion set being longer than the original TD pinion gear shaft.  The drive shaft shortening and balancing is going to cost me only $50-65 I’m told, and it’s only going to take a week.  I am very happy John recommended I have you all change the rear end ratio from the TD’s 5.1:1 to the MGA’s 4.3:1.  I don’t anticipate appreciable loss of power, and my little XPAG and I will be happy to be cruising at lower RPMs, hopefully not in the too distant future.  I owe University Motors a great deal of gratitude for making this project fun, not frustrating, and for all the above and beyond advice and hand holding.
Bill W.

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