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Feb 6-7 MGB Engine Rebuild Seminar.  Watch as John rebuilds an MG engine before your eyes.  Lecture.  Saturday night dinner included.

Feb 8-9 Carburetor rebuild seminar.  Bring your own carburetors and rebuild them under our supervision and guidance.  Seminar does not include the price of parts, usually a Master Rebuild kit.  If you already have parts, bring them with!  Bring tools too!

Feb 20-21 Lucas Electrical Systems.  Is Lucas really the prince of darkness?  Do the British really drink warm beer because Lucas made their refrigerators?   John will cover all aspects of Lucas wiring in this lecture, with Saturday night dinner included.

Feb 20-23 Gearbox Rebuilding Seminar.  Bring your gearbox and rebuild it with our guidance.  When filling out the form, please be as specific as possible so we can be sure to have the right parts.  If you have questions, call the shop, I’ll put you through to John to help you figure out what you’ll need to bring.  Bring tools as well.  Parts are not included in this seminar.

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While staying in Grand Rapids, the official hotel of University Motors is the Doubletree by Hilton.  It’s just 2 miles down the road.  Click here for information and reservations.

2016 Technical Seminars

February is Technical Seminar Month! On the 6th and 7th you can attend the engine rebuilding seminar, watch as John rebuilds an engine from the ground up. The 8th and 9th bring your carburetors with you and learn how to rebuild them. Is Lucas really the prince of darkness? Come find out on February 20-21 as John teaches you all he knows about MG electrical systems. If your gearbox is making noise, drop it out and bring it with you on February 22-23 and learn to rebuild it yourself.

The engine and electrics seminars both include dinner on Saturday night. If you’re coming to the gearbox or carburetor workshops, remember that the seminar price does not include parts.

While staying in Grand Rapids, we recommend staying at the Hilton. Click here for reservations at the Hilton.

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Shop Cleaning

I am doing some much needed organizing in the parts area, and found 9 DVD’s, “MGB Mark IV – A Talking Tour by John Twist”  I have blown the dust off of them, and have put them in our store for $7.50 each.  I only have nine, so if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite MGB enthusiast, this is it!

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Technical Seminars

Every winter, John puts on technical seminars.  This year is no different!  The dates are not firm yet.   There will be a carburetor rebuilding seminar, where you bring your carbs in and learn to rebuild them.  There will also be a technical seminar weekend, where John explains an entire MG to you.

We are undecided on having either a gearbox seminar or an engine rebuild seminar.  You can vote over there on the left. —>

Michigan To Texas

Sgt. Mark Allen stopped by the shop on Friday with his car on a wrecker.  He had just purchased the car and was planning on driving it back home to Texas.  It ran rough and was getting terrible mileage, and Friday morning wouldn’t even start!  We unloaded it from the wrecker and John worked on it for about three hours.  We just received this note:

Mr Twist,

 This is Mark Allen. The guy with the orange 79 Midget you did carb work on today (23 Oct 2015).
Even though it was still running rich I your work brought my gas mileage from 8 mpg to 26. Wow!
I am glad I stopped by. Thank you again.
-Sgt Mark Allen
San Marcos, TX

Happy Birthday Walter!

Walter Cheatham is the original owner of his 1967 MGB.  He has had his car here for a while, we’d done everything EXCEPT a complete body restoration.  Walters wife, Gloria, called and explained that his birthday was coming up and to go ahead with the project.  We surprised Walter when he flew up to examine the car and decide if the body should be done.  This is what he found when he arrived…

Happy Birthday Walter!
Happy Birthday Walter!

This is the nice note that we received from Gloria afterwards:

DSC03024 DSC03025