John Gets New Tires

Dear Fellow Enthusiast!


All good things must come to an end.


After nearly 42 years in full time business at three locations, I am ceasing repair and restoration operations as University Motors in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the end of this month, November, 2016.  The remaining workload will be transferred to Forrest Johnson’s “Rusty Moose Garage” which will continue out of the Patterson Avenue location for now but will move to Grand Haven, Michigan, in the next several months.


I am not so much “re-tiring” as “re-treading.”  I will retain the name of University Motors but no longer operate as a brick-and -mortar automotive repair facility.  My plan is to continue to write technical articles, offer technical seminars and workshops, produce technical videos, and enter the lecture circuit.


Forrest, who has worked for University Motors for about five years, will keep Curt Saunier in his employ.  Curt has worked for UML for about 23 years.  Mike Blackport will continue throughout the transition.


The University Motors website will remain active.  You will always be able to contact me there.  I will keep you apprised of changes in locations and telephone numbers.


Safety Fast!

John Twist




4571 Patterson Avenue SE

Grand Rapids   MI    49512

616 301 2888